• Yoga & Ayurveda for body & mind

Transform your life through holistic approach of yoga and Ayurveda Ayurveda and yoga in modern lifestyle Both yoga and Ayurveda highly speaks of imbibing natural and healthy life and longevity. It is systematized living in harmony with nature which touches all aspects of life- body, mind, soul. Yoga speaks of divine nature which is relevant even in modern lifestyle . Real comfort and happiness is experienced when you are in sound health. The journey of Hatha yoga starts from making your body flexible and robust before entering into subtle realm.  There is something wrong with modern lifestyle where you search health in medical stores and gyms. Yoga and Ayurveda reconnects you original roots of your existence . You enjoy the every moment of life with hope and aspirations .  Modern lifestyle:Boon or Bane You might have a big balance , but you have stomach ache, ulcers, diabetes, you might have to go for bypass surgery, can’t eat this , can’t do this. In modern lifestyle, you spend half of your health to gain wealth and spend half of your wealth to gain back the list health.  There is no use of running higher thither in search of right treatment . Some people have very exhausting jobs. Therefore, they would like to relax during leisure. Indeed, you can have a delightful surprise in the ancient wisdom of practicing yoga daily with simple diet.  Happiness and good health doesn’t come from wealth, which the modern world worship . Peace, cheerfulness, contentment, fearlessness and unperturbed state of mind come from yoga.  . Hectic lifestyle aggravate negative feelings and emotions .  . Performance of people suffers when they lose health  . Yogic life has so much to offer to you  . Discover the individual’s hidden potential through yoga  . Have fait in healing power through Ayurvedic diet based on your constitution (dosha). Disciplining yourself by yoga: Yogic philosophy believes that conflict and stress can be reduced by cultivating right attitude and mental clarity .  Yoga is the most natural way of disciplining yourself. It ensures transformation of the essential nature of man .  What is your daily lifestyle is the key factor in determining your health and mental peace . The modern lifestyle revolves around “eat, drink and be merry”. People are forgetting their roots, and quickly aping western trends, thus falling victim to various physical and mental ailments.  . You must understand the purpose and goal of life. . Yoga increases the mobility in your muscles and joints. . Ayurveda and yoga improve your physical and mental health. Ayurvedic diet reduce the risks of many diseases related to modern lifestyle .  . The concept of five elements is fundamental in Ayurveda.  Ayurveda and modern lifestyle The modern Ayurveda admits that you fall I’ll when there is imbalance or deformity in your five elements that your body is composed of. The five elements space, air, fire, water and earth constitute the nature . Your body is symbolic manifestation of universe .  Purity of food intake leads to purity of mind. Unfortunately , in modern lifestyle, the fast food replaced the simple home-made meals. People eat in a hurry at restaurant. The consequences are very fearsome. You hear of new diseases infecting the common people.  Ayurveda and yoga both highly speaks of adopting natural lifestyle in balance with nature. Both touch all aspects of life- body, mind and inner conscience . Even the modern world believe in the existence of universal cosmic conscience.  . Go back to nature is the slogan of modern man . People are discovering inner peace and health in ancient wisdom. . Ayurvedic life based on patterns of nature.  . Yoga and Ayurveda speaks of holistic health care. 

  • $75.001 Hour , 30 Minutes
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