Teh Art of Couples Massage Class

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn therapeutic massage.
You can relax and have some fun at Shala’s Holistic massage class! If you’ve never given a massage before, this is a great chance to explore the benefits of healthy touch to help your partner relieve stress, anxiety, tension, and pain through various technique.

In this workshop, you will learn basic massage techniques for the back, shoulders, arms, legs, head, neck and hands. Massage is a great way to take care of each other, and you can learn how without hurting your hands! This class provides an introduction to stress-relieving massage techniques to help couples explore new ways to communicate and strengthen their relationship.

WHAT TO BRING TO CLASS: We will be working on massage table. Please be prepared as follows:
We will have pillows, but you may bring your own.
Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for the class as we will use oil to use on your skin during the session.
Please do not wear cologne.
LADIES – do not wear make-up as we will be massaging the face.
Be mindful of any wigs or weaves as we will be massaging the head and scalp.
Wear loose-fitting pants or shorts; spaghetti-strap tank top or bikini top.

Participant safety is always a priority at shala’s holistic, Please refrain from consuming any mood-altering substances prior to class.

Price and Duration

$220.00           60  Min