Endermo Therapy

enhances skin conditions -combats fatty deposits that cause cellulite, -improves skin tone and body contour by tightening and firming the skin. Typically 10 sessions would be a good start to achieve results. Depending on your goals, treatments should take place 2-3 times a week. Treatment plan will be offered to you following a consultation. What to expect Endermo therapy is a mechanized massage treatment that uses suction and rollers. This treatment is used to soften hardened fat and then flush it out via normal excretory pathways. At shala holistic we adopt techniques that help your body flush out fat. The procedure is completely painless. ask for our package!!

$60 25 Minutes

Wood Therapy

What Exactly is Wood Therapy? It is 100% natural, chemical free, & void of any contraindications. Proper use of anatomically designed wood instruments with application of adequate pressure intensifies the breakdown of fat and fibrosis cellulite, therefore it can be eliminated naturally with other toxins. With ultrasound cellulite reduction or liposuction we are only focusing on the problem, without elimination its cause. If we just remove fat, we didn’t change anything in our body function. With Wood Therapy is different. Maderoterapia stimulates blood circulation and lymph drainage, accelerates metabolism, therefore its effects lasts longer then therapy itself. Benefits and Results: Natural, non-invasive Offers quick visible results Activates lymphatic system Reduces/fights/combats water retention and removes toxins from the body Speeds up metabolism Breaks down cellulite Reduces size (“Muffin tops”, “Love handles”, “Saddlebags” on thighs etc.) Defines arms and legs Tones and tightens skin Firms thighs and buttocks

$120 50 Minutes