Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a problematic condition affecting millions of people in the United State. Anatomically, the carpal region of the wrist is limited in space. Its diameter is not much wider than a finger. Running through the carpal tunnel are nine flexor tendons that act on the hand and the median nerve. Surrounding the tendons are synovial membranes, which, when inflamed, create pressure on the median nerve. Since this limited carpal space must house all the ligaments and muscles, creating space here is a necessary component of therapy. Causes of CTS While repetitive motion careers such as data entry, factory work, activities such as tennis, golf, or even holding a baby, can spur its development. Gentle massage combine with Active Isolated Stretch therapy in the neck and shoulder is the perfect choice for opening shortened tissue and can be helpful in treating in the Carpal Tunnel syndrome!

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