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We live in a society fraught with pollutants and heavy metal toxins-natural and synthetic. They exist in our air, water, food, clothing, and the environment in which we live, work, play and sleep. As a result, our bodies are depleted of crucial life-giving elements, leaving us to feel drained of energy or unable to heal naturally from illness, injury or medical procedures.Water is a critical resource. It covers two-thirds of the earth’s surface and 80 percent of the human body is comprised of water. It’s in the fluids we drink, the air we breathe, the foods we consume and it is the medium by which we rid our bodies of impurities.Since ancient times people have bathed in natural springs and reported experiencing healing benefits for many ailments. Resorts and health spas around the world maintain their popularity because bathing in springs- hot, cold or mineral- has undisputed therapeutic effects, including: improved circulation, increased relaxation and, as a result, relief from symptomatic or chronic pain.The Ion Spa works to dramatically remove toxins from your body through your feet by replicating the structure of healing waters found in the earth’s natural settings.
The Ion Spa’s® control head delivers enough of an electrical current through the ionizor® to generate negatively charged ions. These ions** travel through the body and attach themselves to toxic substances, thereby neutralizing these toxins; After being neutralized, toxin particles are pulled through the skin and out of the body via osmosis, attracted by the highly concentrated ion field in the Spa® water. When the ion Spa® is set, negative ions are being produced in the water, which raises the user’s pH to a more alkaline state. Why is this significant? The vast majority of people in the United States live in an acid state – their bodies contain an excess of hydrogen ions and their blood pH is lower then 7.45. Such person greatly benefit from exposure to high concentrations of negatively charged ions, bringing their bodies back into a more balanced acid-alkaline state.

Benefits of the Foot Bath Detoxification

Detoxification of Your Entire Body.
Heavy Metals Removed
Increase Your Energy
Help You With Faster Disease and Injury Recovery Time
Increased Oxygen in Your Body
Help Pain Relief
Improved Your Sleep
Reduced Unwanted Fluid Retention
Headache Relief
Immune System Booster
Safe for Children 4 and up
Many users report:
Enhanced Body Detoxification
Inactivated viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungus
Reduced pain
Purified blood and lymph
Stimulated immune function
Weight loss
Relieved tension
Chelation of heavy metals
Reduced inflammation

Price and Duration

$45.00           30  Min