Massage acts on our muscular system, as well as our nervous system. Massage helps calm the sympathetic nervous system, which is our “fight or flight” system, and boosts our parasymathetic nervous system, which is our “rest and digest” system. Calming the nervous system is primary to minimizing vasodilation of blood vessels involved with migraine. Massage also removes or minimizes myofascial trigger points. Trigger points located in the neck, shoulder and base of the skull (suboccipital muscles) all contribute to headaches. While these muscles typically cause “tension” headaches, every migraine also has a tension component to it, it you want to minimize that component to help reduce the intensity of the headache. We may also often work your mouth (TMJ) muscles if it is determined that this is also contributing to the headache. We will also probably work on your feet during your massage. The ancient art of reflexology is often used to relieve stress and pain. For some headache sufferers, it’s a godsend. It works on the idea that there are zones in the feet that correspond to all areas of the body. We massage and apply acupressure to these zones, affecting the corresponding area in your body.

  • 25 Minutes Facial & Scalp Massage with Reflexology $55.00