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"I came to Shala for a therapeutic massage and she knew exactly what to do. Her background in physical therapy makes her an extraordinary massage therapist. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate—I feel very fortunate to have found her!"

Zenaida Santiago

"Shala's Holistic Wellness Center is an absolute must for those seeking an experienced Massage Therapist to help them relieve pain.The first time I went, I got the 60 minute massage, and oh my goodness it's worth every cent!! I went in with neck and shoulder pain and after just one session the pain went away. Shala worked wonders! She even gave me tips and tricks to improve my muscles and posture so I don't strain my muscles as easily. I've been going back ever since. Not only did I get a massage and some wonderful homemade all natural soap, I went ahead and purchased some CBD oil while I was there. The woman selling CBD oil (I'm not sure I ever got her name) really knows what she's selling. She answered all my questions perfectly and was able to recommend the right dose and amount to help my anxiety and depression. I've been using the oil for almost a month now, and it really has helped me. I've noticed I don't have as many cravings for food as I used to, as well as an overall jump in energy. It also helps me sleep through the night, which is something I had been struggling to treat for a while. If you're still iffy on trying it for yourself, it doesn't hurt to talk to your doctor, or do a bit of research online before purchasing. I asked my doctor after I bought it, and was assured that it would be ok to take. Seriously, if you're looking for a great place to get a massage, a detox, some CBD oil, or even some homemade soap that smells amazing, Shala's really is the place to go. It's a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and everyone that works there are so kind."

Jen Kraft

"If you are looking for a great masseuse look no farther the Shala’s Holistic Center. I have had back surgery and was starting to feel a lot of pain after about 18 months. I was so concerned that the surgeon took xrays to make sure the hardware was still fine. It was. I was put in anti inflammatories and muscle relaxers. Those didn’t help. A friend recommend Shala so i took a chance. Best decision ever. She is from Germany with a physical therapy back ground. She knows the body. By the time i left my pain was about 75% gone. I have continued to feel great almost 6 days out. I really can’t believe it. After suffering so long my back feels better than it ever has. Give Shala a call especially if you have chronic pain. She can help."

Debbie higgins

"I went to Shala with a migraine. In 20 minutes, Shala relieved that pain with her unparalleled technique. I have had many massages and this was the best for migraine relief. She used hot stones, oils, aromatherapy, soothing lotions; she has strong, precise fingers and worked deeply into my neck (front and back), shoulders, face, jaw, scalp, and even sinuses. The woman who helps Shala run the business is very kind, too. An overall beautiful experience that provided a much needed escape from pain and the daily grind."

Monica Dutcher

"I have been suffering from pain, headaches, balance issues since a horrific car accident. I did not think that anything could help but Shala’s therapeutic massage did wonders for me. I highly recommend Shala’s Holistic Wellness Center."

Kathleen Barbuti

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